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The second CLIM-RUN stakeholder workshops

Clare Goodess, UEA

Planning has started for the second round of CLIM-RUN stakeholder workshops that will be held for each of the case studies in Spring 2013. These provide a follow-up to the successful first round of workshops held between May and December 2011 (see Newsletter 2). The second round of workshops is an essential part of the fourth CLIM-RUN key stage: Consolidation and collective review/assessment. The intention is to review both the process of interaction between CLIM-RUN scientists and case-study stakeholders, as well as the utility of the products and information developed in CLIM-RUN. Review questions will include: How far have we got? How successful have we been? What are the remaining problems/gaps? How to sustain and extend the interactions? Currently the modelling and observational experts are refining the first new products and tools to emerge from CLIM-RUN and these will form the basis of detailed workshop discussion. Information about the workshops will be available from the CLIM-RUN website in due course. In the meantime, please contact Clare Goodess (c.goodess@uea.ac.uk) for further information or to express your interest in participating in one of the events.