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The Climate services initiatives at EGU conference

Alessandro dell’Aquila, ENEA

During the year 2012 a plethora of initiatives about climate services will come into being: among others, WMO will present the implementation plan of the Global Framework for Climate Services at WMO's Extraordinary Congress in October 2012 and EMS-ECAC conference in 2012 will be devoted to ‘European Climate Services Capabilities - user needs and communication with stakeholders’.

In this context, in the EGU 2012 General Assembly (22-27 April 2012) a new session ‘Climate Services - Underpinning Science’ has been proposed (CL5.13). The main objective of this session is to gather all the experiences at the European (starting from ECLISE and CLIMRUN EU FP7 projects) and International level to further develop the underpinning science needed to provide tailored climate information to potential users (private companies, international organization etc …).

The convener is Alessandro Dell’Aquila (ENEA), Co-conveners R. Van Oss (KNMI) and PM Ruti (ENEA).

In terms of capability in attracting abstracts the session has already experienced a considerable success: 34 accepted contributions (above the mean of Climate EGU general session), including an introductory talk by WMO illustrating the implementation plan of Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS).

To better put the emphasis on the new session and on the most recent coordinated efforts about climate services, the EGU Townhall meeting ‘Climate Services - Think Forward’ has been also organised in collaboration with WMO.

The convener is F. Lucio (WMO), Co-conveners R. Van Oss (KNMI), PM Ruti (ENEA) and Alessandro Dell’Aquila (ENEA). This event has been thought as a room for a public exchange and discussion to present to a wider audience the new perspectives on the role of climate information in the society.

The Climate Services oral session CL5.13 has been finally planned for Thursday 26 April, (13.30-17.00), followed by the poster session (17.30-19.00) and by the Townhall Meeting (19.00-20.00).


Hoping to see you in Vienna !