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Public Deliverables

This section contains the public deliverables (PU) produced by CLIM-RUN consortium and already approved by the EU revisers. Deliverables meant for other programme participants (PP), that do not have sensible data, already approved by the EU revisers are also included in this section.

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D9.5: Final Workshop

The two FP7 climate service projects CLIMRUN and ECLISE have organized a joint workshop on February 10-11, 2014 in Brussels to bring together the experiences in both projects on the development and delivery of climate services The workshop was held in ENEA EU Liaison Office in Brussels with the aim to give visibility to the project and disseminate the projects results and present recommendations on the formation of a Climate Service Network for the Mediterranean Region.

Authors: Nathalie Rousset (Plan Bleu), Paolo Ruti (ENEA)


An internet domain has been set up by ENEA for CLIM-RUN project. It is named climrun.eu and it hosts the web pages (public and private) and CLIM-RUN mailing lists. A first version of CLIM-RUN public web page has been created in English language, at the following address: http://www.climrun.eu. At the moment it is only conceived as a welcome page of the project, but it will be replaced by the Climate Services Web Portal (Deliverable 1.1).

Authors: Emanuele Lombardi, Orietta Casali (ENEA)

D10.10: General Assemblies Report

During the CLIM-RUN project four Governing Board Assemblies (General Assemblies) were held. During these events most of the Advisory Scientific Committee meetings have been also organized. The organization and the cost of the Assemblies were supported by ENEA (Coordinator). However the support of other partners have been also important. UNESCO-ICTP hosted the Kick-off meeting in Trieste (March 2011), IC3 hosted the second Governing Board Assembly in Barcelona in March 2012, ENEA hosted the third General Assembly in its headquarters in Rome in July 2013, and CMCC hosted the final Assembly in Venice in February 2014.

Authors: Paolo Ruti, Orietta Casali (ENEA)

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