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EMS/ECAC 2012 Lòdz, Poland

Clare Goodess, UEA, England

CLIM-RUN partners will participate in and contribute to the ‘Theme day: European Climate Services Capabilities - user needs and communication with stakeholders’ which is being held on 11 September as part of the EMS-ECAC 2012 meeting in Lódź, Poland (http://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EMS2012/sessionprogramme/ECAC#SE – see SE3). Oral presentations by CLIM-RUN partners will include on overview of the challenges of developing stakeholder-led climate services and a summary of stakeholder needs identified in the wildfires case study. The concluding plenary will provide an opportunity for all participants to freely discuss how to bring coherence and structure to the development of climate services. Can we learn from each other? Do we have the right priorities?