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The general objective of CLIM-RUN project is to contribute to the creation in the Mediterranean area of a Climate Services Network, in line with the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) on-going process, initiated with the creation of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) in 2009, and to what has already been set up in Northern European countries (e.g. the United Kingdom and Germany). In fact, the Mediterranean area is a recognized climate change hot spot, i.e. a region particularly sensitive and vulnerable to global warming. CLIM-RUN will provide an important instrument for the development of a Mediterranean-wide network of climate services that would eventually confluence into a pan-European network.

To reach this aim, CLIM-RUN will pursuit the following objectives:

  1. Integrating the different levels of climate and sector-relevant information and tailoring the dissemination for different stakeholders (policy makers,business stakeholders etc.);
  2. disseminating on-line surveys to increase the number of the stakeholders outside of the case-study level;
  3. optimizing communication within and outside the project (e.g. web communication tools, blogs, social-networks) iv) supporting e-learning tools (training on-line, interactive material etc.).