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Expected impacts

To improve the details and level of certainty of climate information including predictions/outlooks which could be of substantial benefit to many climate sensitive sectors in the Mediterranean region in adapting to and mitigating the impacts of climate variability and change. This impact will be achieved by a substantial strengthening of the cooperation between the climate research community and stakeholder experts in the Mediterranean region, specifically for the tourism and energy sectors.

The explicit bottom-up approach on the stakeholder-climate experts interaction level, in combination with tailored climate analysis and modelling tools, allows the CLIM-RUN consortium to assess the efficiency of current and future adaptation processes  on various sectors (energy and tourism) and geographic detail.


The following impacts will be generated:

Development of Regional Climate Outlook Forums (RCOFs) for the Mediterranean region developed and supported as part of WMO’s Climate Information and Prediction Services (CLIPS).

Assessment of the effectiveness of the current climate information in terms of real impact on renewable energy and tourism sectors, and re-insurance.

Contribution to the development of renewable energy initiatives in the region, and to associate states, institutions, firms and investors from Europe.

Identification of relevant climate services, in particular for the energy and tourism sectors.

Training young scientists, providing opportunities for advanced on-the-job training at the doctoral and post-doctoral level, across a wide range of disciplines in regional climate modelling and assessment, advanced statistical methods, energy and tourism applications, data mining.

European impact and added value:


The CLIM-RUN project involves key relevant European players in regional climate assessment, climate analysis, monitoring and modelling (global and regional) with considerable experience for converting climate science into policy-relevant information, in support to international and regional process on climate change, such as:


Promoting the European participation to IPCC Assessment Reports, and in particular for the Working Group 1 and 2.

Strengthening of the cooperation between European and North African multidisciplinary research communities, and in the same way to support relevant strategic initiatives (renewable energy);

Supporting the WMO international initiatives for developing climate services as launched by the WCC3 congress (Geneva September 2009); for the developing climate services in the Mediterranean area.

Supporting   European Commission Green Paper on Adapting to Climate Change in Europe (EC, 2007) and to the White Paper on “Adapting to climate change: towards a European framework for action” (EC, 2009). More specifically CLIM-RUN will contribute towards the lines of priority actions set up by the Green paper.